Advertising in motion increases the notoriety of the brand among the public and has the ability to segment geographically by routes and areas of interest. According to EGM data, it is the external advertising support with the highest memory index.

Advertising in interurban bus

The client decides the conditions that best fit it, in B seni average we allow short but intensive campaigns. In case of wanting to promote an event, we make available to the company the labeling of a considerative number of buses in a short period of time, so that the promotion of the event will be visible around the island in a short time, thus being a Intensive advertising. We commercialize advertising for Tib buses in lines 200, 300, 400 and 500. These routes make the bus seen by the villages, by schools, on excursions, in addition to the road as well. The labeling of Tib buses is 3 sides, covering a large part of the vehicle and being more attractive than a
Static traditional fence.


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