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Taxi advertising reaches both a local audience, a business audience and also a tourist audience. Taxis are in constant movement 24/7, 365 days a year. This translates into constant exposure to advertisements displayed on these vehicles at all hours.

Event organization

We create events tailored to your needs, we look for hostesses in line with your company’s preferences and we hire catering respecting the tastes, customs and allergies of all guests, in addition to finding the ideal location to hold the event. Trust us for all logistical issues. If you are looking to improve the work environment, build customer loyalty, recognize and disseminate business successes or improve the image of your brand, the event is essential for all of them.

Digital advertising

Web design | Search engine positioning | Social Media | Social Selling | Content marketing | Email marketing and newsletters

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the trend of prioritizing digital advertising investments. The Internet allows, on the one hand, mass communication, and on the other, a micro-segmentation of audiences; thus making it easier to reach very specific market niches, thus enabling the personalization of messages.

Benefits and advantages over traditional marketing

It is more economical (higher ROI).

The results are measurable in real time. Democratize visibility. It has greater reach.

Allows more precise segmentation.

It is less invasive. Facilitates internationalization.


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