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Values and Policies

Our values:

Innovation: we encourage people of all ages and departements to express their ideas. We seek innovation in everything we do, not only the departement id.

Privacy: total confidentialy guarantee in all our processes in compliance with current legislation on data protection, Law 15/99 of 13 December regarding the protection of personal data.

Security: our documentation center is designed for the safety of your documents.

Commitment: our core ability, taking forward all that is entrusted to us, our commitment goes beyond signing a document or contract.

Excitement: we believe enthusiasm is a prerequisite for succes and train our managers to lead with enthusiasm



We will promote training and employee awareness through conduct and management handbooks.

Commitment to carry out our work within a managed setting that ensures continuous process improvement through regular review of our quality, safety and environmental management objectives.

Commitment to be a customer oriented company.

Direction: Joint Venture Marketing Services agrees to comply with all legal and contractual requirements.

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